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How to Print Double-Sided Mesh Banners

Double-sided mesh banners are indeed a strongly powered promotional tool. A banner with a two-sided design optimizes visibility through all angles. It also assists in capturing a more organic audience through its design print. The crafted message is the most impactful element of the banner.

In this article, there is a complete guide on how to print double-sided mesh banners. To have the complete overview walk through the content.

How to Print Double-Sided Mesh Banners (A Comprehensive Guide)

To achieve good results with printed banners few major considerations should come to notice. Such as the design, design process, materials and its selection, and also the techniques that must be involved.

There’s a complete guide on how to print double-sided mesh banners from scratch.

1.   Design Process:

Whenever designing any marketing tool such as banners the design must be reflective. It should create a certain image and visual identity of your brand in the viewer’s head.

To start with the printing, the first thing to have in hand is the design. The design of the banner must incorporate your brand’s identity through its design elements and features. According to the services and expertise of your brand, the complexity of the designed banner might have a symbolic value.

Various software are used for developing professional designs for banners but some significant elements that elevate your design are stated below.

●     Aim and objective:

The aim and objective should be achievable. The banner design should intend to effectively convey the cause.

●     Layout:

Format and layout setup: It is a common mistake that makes a banner go to waste. As the margins and spaces are not properly managed.

●     Typography:

Typography or the font style to emphasize the audience should possess relativity and clarity to engage.

●     Color Palette:

Relatable color schemes are a symbolic representation of ideas behind the design of anything, basically the design of promotional tools.

●     Pictorial Representation:

Images and visuals hold a significant place in the eyes of viewers. To establish a lasting impression and create a strong mental image, the clarity of the picture plays a crucial role. This distinct importance is attributed to the way a clear picture is formed in the minds of the audience.

●     Negative Spaces:

A clear background enhances readability. Moreover, negative spaces, along with coherent text placement, have a significant impact, effectively promoting a sense of hierarchy.

2.   Material Selection:

Achieving the ideal mix between visibility and longevity requires choosing the proper mesh banner material. Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor use since they are made with tiny openings that let the wind pass through.

Whereas, much wind may travel by and the degree to which visibility is kept depends on the mesh’s density. When selecting the ideal mesh density, take into account the surroundings and the weather the banner will experience. For vivid and durable prints, make sure to use an ink type that is compatible with mesh material.

3.   Print Setup:

To start, use a printer that supports double-sided printing. A crucial step in the process of printing double-sided mesh banners is a thorough print setup. It is critical to address issues with color accuracy, media compatibility, exact alignment, and drying time. Bright, strong banners that successfully express messages and survive outdoor circumstances are assured by expertise in printing settings and quality control.

4.   Printer Settings:

Make sure to set up your print format according to the preferred size of the banner to be printed. Also, ensure that the color mode and resolution must be appropriate.

5.   Alignment:

When printing a double-sided banner the alignment and margins must be kept in account of consideration. Place the pieces properly to avoid any major or slight differences.

6.   Dry-time:

Concerning the wet ink, the required time is a little more to avoid any potential destruction to the banner. Let the ink completely dry and absorb into the meshes so that there’s no cause left for damage.

7.   Finishes:

Hemming: To keep the banner’s edges from fraying and to increase durability, fold and sew them.

Grommets: For simple hanging and mounting, use eyelets at certain points along the edges.

Consider adding reinforcing elements to the banner, depending on its size, to increase stability.

Printing Techniques for Double-sided Mesh Banners:

There are two basic techniques used for double-sided mesh banner printing.

1.   Direct Printing, Concurrent:

The two-sided banners are laid on a specialized machine. Both sides are printed simultaneously in one go.

There is no need to stick or stack up the meshes.

Make sure to register properly to prevent color mismatches between the sides.

If not treated properly, may cause ink to bleed through.

2.   Print and Join:

The two sides of the banner are printed separately on complementary materials.

After printing, use methods like thermal welding or stitching can be done.


  • Carefully align and join the two sides this eliminates concerns about ink bleed-through but demands exact alignment.


In summary, double-sided mesh banners are a dynamic and effective approach to reach a broad audience with your message. You may make banners that successfully grab attention by carefully planning your design, using the best materials, and collaborating with experts for printing and placement. To maintain the durability of these adaptable marketing tools, prioritize maintenance and correct installation. Double-sided mesh banners are an effective form of communication in contemporary times, whether they are used for advertising businesses, making notices about events, or displaying artwork.