* Waterproof Vinyl Sticker will be applied to the board for printed boards


Foam Sign Boards

Need to display frame sign boards indoors? We have the best prices for these amazing foam signboards. Our foam-printed signboards come with vinyl stickers applied to foam sheets. We have the full-size boards in a stick which are 1m x 2m or 4ft x 8ft foam signboards.

We supply these foam signboards with your graphics printed on a sticker and applied to the foam boards, of ir you like, you can even buy plain foam sheets.

The foam signboards are 3mm thick and are soft in the middle with a gloss coating on both sides.

Foam signboards are mainly used for indoor signage for warehouses, retail parks, and commercial showrooms. They can also be used for estate agent signboards.

The foam signboards can come with eyelets, which makes them very easy to hang and make them unmissable in a large space with isles or different sections and departments.

Another great use for these foam signboards is construction sites as they can be supplied in panels. They can easily be fixed to any surface using washers and screws, or as mentioned above, can be hung using eyelets. Let us know how you would like us to finish them.

Foam Sign Board Design Service

We have a free design service, so let us know what you would like on the signboards, and we will be happy to design a bespoke custom design for you. You may have unlimited changes to the design, so we are happy when you are!

Foam Delivery

As this product is bulky, if ordered in large sizes, there is an extra delivery charge per order. As the extra charge is per order, it is best to order larger quantities, and you will also save more with our quantity discounts. The standard delivery time on the foam sign boards is 48 hrs. from the time of dispatch.

Product Details

The foam sheets are 3mm in thickness with a soft sponge or foam-type middle with a gloss coating on both sides. The foam sheets will have flexibility, and not rigid, so the sheets will not snap or break, instead they will fold.

This makes the foam sheets ideal for hanging, or suspended retail signs for internal signage, as they are very lightweight, so even in the event of the board falling, it will cause minimal damage due to its soft middle and lightweight.

You can even change the sign using the same foam boards by applying a new sticker, so if you would like to change the sign, just order a vinyl sticker for the board size and apply. Instructions on how to apply vinyl stickers can be found on the vinyl stickers page.

You can add eyelets to the boards to make them easy for hanging. We can cut the foam sheets to any size and apply the eyelets before shipping.

You could also opt for the double-sided foam sheet graphics, in which case we will apply the vinyl sticker to both sides of the board.