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The benefits of PVC banners in Manchester

It is at this point that you will notice that there is a banner for every application, which can be overwhelming at first. However, with some careful consideration, you should be able to find the ideal banner for your requirements.

Sure is one of the most versatile types of banners, thanks to ultra-modern PVC, which gives the banners a unique sturdiness, quality, and water resistance. As a result, PVC banners are ideal for all of your outdoor signage requirements.

Banner grade PVC is the gold standard in banner materials, and it is ideal for use outdoors where toughness is required. The Image Group provides fire-rated and weather-resistant PVC, which is ideal for a long-lasting banner solution.

Because of the nature of mesh PVC, it can be stitched or welded depending on your specific needs, making PVC extremely versatile banner material. The Image Group can provide PVC banners with eyelets, making them simple to install.

The benefits of a PVC banner are obvious, and they can provide unrivaled toughness where toughness is required, as well as the print quality that one would expect from only the highest quality banner material.

Brand Perception & Design:

This paper proposes a theoretical framework for perceptual processing of information derived from product design elements (such as product form) and its impact on consumers’ conceptual knowledge and brand categorization. The ecological approach to visual perception, principles of object recognition by components in perceptual psychology, and the emerging perception-based theory of cognition as a perceptual symbol system all inform this perspective on consumer knowledge and brand categorization. The authors describe four brand categorization bases derived from product design data, provide examples of each, review empirical findings, and discuss implications for consumer research and new product design.

Storage & Banner Materials:

When not in use, PVC banners can be easily rolled up and stored. The flexible PVC material is long-lasting, strong, and tear-resistant. Our standard banners have a 12-18 month shelf life (depending on weather conditions).

Banner Finishing:

Our banners have a hemmed edge and stainless-steel eyelets about 50cm around the edges. Other options include pole pockets (for scaffolding or hanging), hem only, or eyelets only. One Printer provides a fully customizable banner service to meet all of your needs.

Banner Frames:

Outdoor banners are typically small to large banners fastened to a building, fence, or space where they eventually fall or sag. One printer can provide outdoor banner frames that will support the banners and keep them in place even in inclement weather.

Design for Impact:

We recommend keeping your banner artwork clean, simple, and not too text-heavy when designing it. The impact is critical! If necessary, One Printer also provides a full design service.